Google+ Q Dot: 4 things all rappers say on social media

Thursday, February 26, 2015

4 things all rappers say on social media

1. It's more than music, it's a brand/lifestyle/movement.

Well for one, welcome to the 21st century business place buddy. You've realized that your efforts in this business, much like any other industry, makes you effectively a brand. Funny thing about brands though - they never have to remind us they're a brand, they just are. See: Nike, Def Jam, Microsoft, Apple, Beyonce, etc. So tell me again what your brand is about.

For two, if playing video games and smoking weed all day is the lifestyle have it bruh. I got moves to make.

For three, please don't use the word movement so loosely. Civil Rights was and is a movement same with women's rights, ending hunger in Africa and other 3rd world nations you get the drift? Even when it comes to music, Motown was a movement that stretched far beyond music. That label gave Black people in America a cultural identity and sense of pride where we had little beforehand. Even Grunge as silly as a marketing term as it is was a movement.

You taking IG pics poppin bottles of Sutter Home and "in da lab" isn't a movement.
The key thing about movements is that they're more about ideas than they are people and the successful ones never seem to die out. I just can't gather how YOU have turned yourself into a movement.

2. Just dropped the video on worldstar!! Lets go!

How about no bruh man? If droppin a video on worldstar is your greatest career achievement you should reconsider your life path. A video on worldstar is the equivalent of making the practice squad for an arena league football team.

3. We out here grindin. 

No you're not. You're online telling us you're grindin which in affect is not grindin. If you're really and truly grindin - us fans will see it.

4. All these haters out here i'm thinking i'm gonna just hang it up.

What haters?

Thank you. The world could use less rappers.

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