Google+ Q Dot: 3 Things I learned week 2 Black Gold Tour

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3 Things I learned week 2 Black Gold Tour

This last week I made the trek to a place where most people would scratch their head and say "They listen to hip hop there?" Yep. Montana. And let me tell you something, the folks in Montana probably kick it waaaaay harder than you big city folk who are all too cool for a Hip hop show. Anyhow, here are some things I learned that I never knew before going to Montana.

1. Montana is the 4th largest state in country but only has 1 million residents.
Put that in comparison, there are more people in Rhode Island (the smallest state in the country). There are 500,000 people in the city of Tacoma alone. That's not a lot of people.

2. The Government holds nuclear weapons in Montana.
Makes sense. Put em out in bumfuck nowhere.

3. Missoula & Bozeman Montana - and other small towns - have more fun at shows then you big city people.
Maybe you think you're too cool for an indie hip hop show. Maybe you go just to be seen. Maybe you go to see your friends and then leave right after. This isn't ever the case in smalltown USA. The people in Missoula and Bozeman Montana, much like the people in Spokane and Wenatchee Washington, Burlington Iowa, New Hope Pennsylvania, Taos New Mexico and Willits California don't get much music let alone something they can dance to so when it hits town it's an event.

Places like Seattle and Portland? Y'all too cool to dance. Hell you're too cool to go out unless it's gonna make you look better on social media or so it seems. I still love y'all tho.

Oh and lastly, Montana is some of the prettiest country i've seen outside of Washington state. Wow! If you've never been I suggest you go. Plus you can drive hella fast.