Google+ Q Dot: 3 things i've learned after week 1 of Black Gold Tour

Monday, February 9, 2015

3 things i've learned after week 1 of Black Gold Tour

The road is always full of surprises. ALWAYS. After week 1: 3 shows in Portland, Seattle and Spokane here are some interesting tid bits I learned.

1. Oregon was made to be a "white utopia" for confederate soldiers who lost the civil war. 

My buddy Devon in Portland gave me a good talk, backed up by the staff at the bar and a subsequent Facebook post to an article on this entire topic Click here to read it.. What's more is Blacks weren't allowed to own real estate in Oregon until the 1970s or something like that. (err, Happy Black History Month??)

2. MOST ALL acts have never heard of band/rapper etiquette. 

You stay til the end. Period. That's great you brought your friends and you brought lots of them, but to bounce right after your set is the best way to ensure that you'll never be invited back for a show by both the venue and the promoter. Every one else has to sit there and watch you bounce around stage and listen to your sorely mixed YouTube trap beats so you, out of common courtesy, stick around for the other acts too. I understand it, i've been there and done that and you know but hey you're still a fan too, why not take interest in those who may help you and learn more about you?

3. You learn a lot about how people value you.  

Every city is different, every vibe is different, everyone's purpose for being at a show or not is different. As a touring musician it's always nice to come home to the familiar faces of friends and family. For us it's comforting like a home cooked meal and gives a boost of confidence that the people YOU love actually support you beyond a facebook post or retweet.

Friends and family at your hometown shows is the best feeling in the world. When I experience that like I did last night, it makes the people who do come to my shows away from home even more valuable especially when you know those same people could be and probably already make a habit of spending 5 times the amount of your cover charge to go see people they never have and never will meet. People camp overnight in parking lots in order to tailgate for their favorite football team, they buy new outfits and get hotel rooms to see big celebrities. Knowing they chose you is an honor.

People can say a lot in their absence during important moments in your life but it's always best to stay focused on the ones who ARE there and continue to be there. THAT'S what makes doing what you love sweet.

Black Gold is out 2.24.15 - presales and merch available here.