Google+ Q Dot: 3 things I learned week 3: Black Gold Tour

Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 things I learned week 3: Black Gold Tour

This last week took me to the heart of the Rocky mountain region. Utah for two nights in Salt Lake City and Ogden in addition to a stop in Denver Colorado. So far i've learned about Montana being a big ass state with NO people, Oregon being a haven for old confederate soldiers and some mo shit. Here's what I gathered...

1. Blacks working the rail line through Ogden Utah owned and operated their own club in the early 1900s. 

It was called the Porters and Waiters club and it was a Blacks only spot where guys like Fats Domino, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and BB King would not only play but hang out. Salt Lake City was (and depending on who you ask still is) a very white, segregated city and often times these guys would play those Salt Lake clubs and still be denied the opportunity to hang out in them. So the Porter's and Waiters Club was a refuge.

2. Denver International Airport is filled with illuminati conspiracy stuff.

Apparently i'm super late on this but doomsday murals and illuminati iconography litter this place. It's odd being that i've flown into DIA too many times to count and still haven't seen any of this stuff but apparently swastikas, an airport stone inscribed with "New world order airport commission" and all that exist in plain site.

3. It's like an 8 hour drive from Salt Lake City to Denver.

My dumb ass was about to drive from Salt Lake to Denver until I discovered it's not a 3 hour drive like I suspected. Booked me flight pronto! lol.

Make sure you peep out that Black Gold! Click the cover.