Google+ Q Dot: The Fear is real.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Fear is real.

I know this isn't a new entry but it's the first entry of my campaign launch and I realized something...

This could fail. This could fail miserably. This whole project could go down the tank and not make a dent despite all the work and planning.

Maybe that's what all the nerves are about.

I am literally attempting something that no other completely DIY artist have ever done. Okay well Ingrid Michaelson was pretty successful about a decade ago but i'm really shooting for the moon here.

Am I crazy??

What if these shows tank? What if no radio stations pick it up? What if I get no press coverage? What if I get no traction with the music videos? What if no one supports the project at all?

There's always the other side of the coin. What if it all goes right? Or what if it kinda goes right? What if I hit my biggest goal or even exceed it? It's all possible...but I think right now i'm goin a little crazy.

I've always been pretty confident going into a release that some noise would be made but this time feels different.

It feels like i'm headed into the Super Bowl for the first time.

Well. I gotta get back to work. Day 1 is well underway.