Google+ Q Dot: Indie journal entry 10. We in this biiihh

Friday, January 9, 2015

Indie journal entry 10. We in this biiihh

I'm in the midst of a big push. Biggest of my career so far and there's so much support and it feels good. I started working radio and immediately 2 stations jumped on, more have followed in support of black gold.

It feels so grassroots and organic and golden. These are the things successful campaigns are made of. It's not the big money splashy flashy ads and consigns. Those things are fleeting at best. This is real. People are connecting to the music and the message in it and running with it. 

Makes me feel good to be doing what I'm doing. The 16th were shooting a music video with the guy Dyllyn greenwood that will make you feel some kind of way. There's so much I'm already proud of. 

Announcing tour dates monday! Let's go! #BLACKGOLD