Google+ Q Dot: Indie Journal day...8 i think: Monday struggle is real.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Indie Journal day...8 i think: Monday struggle is real.

Trying to work through the holidays is THE WORST! Think about're in the middle of an important process and you know everyone's focus isn't on work. It's on Christmas shopping. Traveling to see family all this and more and justifiably so but jeez!

I'm working on tight deadlines here!!! =D

Being completely DIY makes it even harder. I knew going into this process that i'd lose about 3 weeks with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I could really use those 21 days.

Not to mention as I write this i'm watching the kiddos. The Toddler and the Infant.

On my list of to dos today though?

Follow up on booking emails
Follow up on support acts in touring cities
Follow up on College and internet radio
Follow up on press pitches
Hash out music video details
Finalize online campaign strategies
Rewrite verse to "soul back"
Finish mastering what is completed of the EP
Send audio files over to distributor and licensing company

No way I get through all of this today but it's okay. Again, i'm not expected my interactions with bookers, promoters, radio and the press to really amount to much other than just keeping the dialogue going.

On another note...that Seahawks win got me fired up!