Google+ Q Dot: Indie journal day 6: I'm nervous. Yep

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Indie journal day 6: I'm nervous. Yep

I'm nervous. Or maybe I'm just anxious. Or both. I don't know but I know this is first time in my whole career I've been nervous about a release. 

This thing is packed full of potential. A lot.  
It has the opportunity to be super impactful. 

That is if I execute this whole thing to perfection with no lapses and no misfires. That's a tall order for ANYONE but I can do this. Right? I dunno shit I've never done it before. No one has. Ever. 

But that's what we do this for, making history and sharing it with everyone who's helped along the way.

That said I'm proud to say that the long reaching marketing stuff is all in line and ready to rock which is super exciting but we've always been able to do this. Almost every video has been added to MTV and radio play and Dj spins have been good to us it's the ground game I've sucked at. And I'm nervous about it. All the big stuff means nothing if the people aren't involved and that's my task now. 

I'm nervous. I'm anxious. I'm excited. And now... To calm down... I'm working out.