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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Groupie Diaries: My 1st groupie

Wonder why I talk about groupies so much? Cuz i love em. lol. No really, it's the stories that come along with. And i've got a few of em to share. Let me tell you a story about this one time at this one show...

My first groupie.
I was in college where, at the time, I was known as "the guy that raps".  I was 18 and hadn't really encountered any groupies prior to this point but this particular instance would change that forever.

I had a friend from high school that I used to see on campus from time to time who always had the chicks. Popular white dude, Abercrombie wearing muthafucka always smelling like he bathed in cologne. You know you had that ONE white homey who was like that...Anyway, he and some of his lady friends came to a small show I did at the Student Union Building and one was the 5th wheel. I hadn't even really noticed her peepin me but apparently she was. . .

I invited my boy to come back through to the dorm after the show and chill and he brought his lady friends with. Miss 5th wheel came along. She hadn't spoken to me all night and hadn't even introduced herself, just made herself visible. Always within an eye shot of me. Always being just loud enough for me to notice her talking amongst her friends but never directly to me. The only thing I did notice was she was dressed to be seen and in my 18 year old mind that was enough to get attention...Anyway, my boy called me out into the hallway and said two words to me that didn't make any sense at the time. He said "Watch this."

I had no clue what I was watching for. I was still sweaty n stanky from my show and ready for bed when after about 10 minutes back in the room he stopped the convo that was going on and said "Alright Q I think were gonna head out man, have a good night." Everyone gets up and heads to the door......except the 5th wheel. LOL!

I had just gotten her name moments before and she stayed put. Right on my bed. My Abercrombie laden partna peeked his head back through the door and just threw me a nod.

Sitting on the bed I just asked ol' girl if she wanted to watch a movie. Her reply? No. I wanna f----. And there I had it. My first groupie.

After that night I used to see her on campus ocassionally and of course at any house parties i'd rock but we'd never speak. It was though that night never happened. Hm. Groupies. lol.

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