Google+ Q Dot: Declarations: What rappers can learn from groupies.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Declarations: What rappers can learn from groupies.

If you're a rapper trying to find your way in this music industry, the blueprint is right under your nose....or...somewhere lower if you know what I mean LOL. 

If you think about it, when it comes to setting a goal and achieving it, no one in the music industry has a higher success rate than the groupie.  She (and sometimes he) is a relentless and talented one who always equips herself with the proper tools of warfare and yes it is war. They know going into it that there is going to be competition from girls groupies or not that may be prettier, (possibly) sluttier, smarter, friendlier or all the above.

They know they're going against the psyche of the star as well! Make the wrong move at the show and its a wrap. Still, with that in mind, success is the only option for the groupie. It doesn't matter if her goal for the night is simply to be in VIP taking pictures and knocking back shots with the star and his crew or to end up in his bed at some point during the night.

How to be (as successful as) a groupie:

1. A hot look. It might be a hot mess but its hot none the less.

2. A strategy to be seen. This is where success comes in. Other girls could be hotter that night but if there's no plan to be seen who cares? It's no different than the dope rapper who's just dope but no one knows who he is.

3. An innate ability to adapt to any situation or obstacle.

4. A positive vibe and/or smile.

5. The ability to converse with people be it roadies, venue staff, other groupies and lastly the band or rapper.

6. A team. Very few females do anything alone. Going to a show is generally no different. The highly skilled groupie can make it on her own at a show but by and large these packs of women travel in packs. It's a law of persistence thing. If one doesn't get the main prize its likely another will and can then bring the friends along to meet the rest of the band or entourage

7. Lastly, they know they have what these men want and when you possess what someone wants you hold the advantage over your opponents without them realizing it.

Check back later. And i'll be talking about a song off Declaration of Dopeness called "Groupie Girls" featuring my dude Fame Rilla =) it's a slapper.