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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stay true and hustle

::The video for 24 Hours off Underground Railroad is done and looking fly as hell...we're releasing it soon!::
Listen to 24 hours HERE!

This weekend brought me to another trip away from the rainy state where I could kinda clear my head and get productive. During this time down here in Arizona I got a chance to kinda survey the local hip hop scene (if you even want to call it that)...And it just reaffirmed that no matter where you go, there are some who get it and some who dont and in the middle you have those who are striving to figure it out.

I like to think i'm somewhere in the middle - but in that striving for new information and staying open to it, at times you see things that are a reflection of yourself or of where you had once been.

To my hard working indie hip hoppers out there trying to make it happen keep grinding. But know this, it doesn't matter how many times you open up for "big name artists", it doesn't matter who you get featured on a song or to produce a beat, none of the glitz and glamour doesn't mean shit if you don't make HONEST, good, music that people that a) don't share a blood relationship to you b)grew up with you will become a fan of and not just support. There's a huge difference.

Yes, you need to start somewhere I get it. But it's always about the music and the proof is always in the pudding. If you don't make good, quality, honest, stylistically new music that people can really connect to and feel then all your facebook posts and tweets will fall on deaf ears and garner no response and you'll forever be the guy who "opens up for so and so" instead of being the guy headlining the show - no matter how cool you and your team think you are. 

Define what it is you're doing musically and stay true to it find ways to expand on it. I just hate to see otherwise talented guys get lost in a false sense of accomplishment because they got to open up for XYZ artist or someone decided to follow you on twitter.

Again. I know it's common sense but...It all means NOTHING if your music sucks. lol. =)

Listen to 24 hours HERE!