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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best of '11

I don't normally like to give any details about my personal life at all. Just the basics. You know my rap name is Q Dot, my real name is Quincy. I'm from Federal Way, blah blah blah. So consider this next bit of information a rare glimpse of me blasting out a personal moment to the world.

Last night I was laying in bed with a pretty young lady having a discussion about "Who was your favorite rapper of 2011" while watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives over a plate of Christmas dinner left overs. Before knowing she had already posted the same question on a certain social network, I said "I'm gonna make that my next blog post". She told me hers, I told her mine. And here's the outcome of my thoughts. 

Favorites of Hip Hop 2011 
I may be a bit biased here but with good reason. We brought Stalley to Grit City Fest this Summer and the Tre'dmarks camp and Stalley's camp hit it off pretty well. Beyond that, you can't help but root for the guy. His music is refreshing. His beard is massive. And his indie exploits of the last two years have him signed to Maybach Music. Big things in 2012? I think so. In my professional opinion, Stalley in the new generations Common with a little more street appeal. Intellectual, from the Midwest and a former Michigan Wolverine hooper turned MC.

2012 outlook: Blowuptuation

Busta Rhymes
I'm the biggest Busta fan I know and i'll be the first to admit, every release after Genesis in 2001 sucked. He cut off the dreads and seems like he cut off his luster too. But in 2011 NO ONE and I mean NO ONE murdered features like Busta did. The dude has been around since '88, making him approximately 374 and a half years old in Rapper years and he somehow revived his career with the double, triple time rap skills that put most others to shame. Now signed to Cash Money - we'll see how he reinvents himself in 2012.

2012 outlook: The jury is still out but verdict looks promising

Grieves & Budo
I say this with a disclaimer. While I appreciate Grieves as an MC and the dude has done A LOT in 2011 (including play Grit City Fest) it's Grieves & Budo as a DUO that makes them my other favorite of 2011. I could do an entire post just on Budo because the dude is an amazing musician. Complimenting Grieves rhymes he DJs, plays trumpet, keyboard and guitar all on stage!? To top off their world tour they've ended 2011 touring with T-Pain and Gym Class Heroes. Not bad for a Seattle kid.

                                                           2012 outlook: Look out mainstream 

Kendrick Lamar
He's a rappers rapper. So I appreciate an artist who can make music for the heads and the fellas as well as the chicks. No offense ladies, but every f*ckin' song you hear is about how wonderful you are which is fine for you but every now and again you want something different and Kendrick gives you juuuust that! Hands down Kendrick might be the most impressive lyricist of the new generation of MCs.

2012 outlook: The jury is still out but verdict looks promising

Fame Rilla
Call me biased on this one too. Yes, we're on the same label and that alone should probably disqualify him from being on any "list" of mine but the progression this dude has made in 2011 is pretty remarkable. Going from virtually unknown even in our hometown to MTV and Vh1 in just one video is a pretty awesome feat for an unknown indie artist. Make it Bang is a rowdy club track introducing him to the world but other tracks he's recorded in the year of the double ones will make a profound impact in 2012.

                                                           2012 outlook: Look out mainstream

Who YOU should watch for in 2012: 
Casey Veggies
Mac Miller (you shoulda been watching him in 2011!)
Q Dot. Yes me. I got some shit fo dat ass in 2012 suckas! hahahahaha.
Danny Brown

Who I'M watching for in 2012:
Royce the Choice
Busta Rhymes (duh)
Kanye West
Dom Kennedy - i'm hoping that the hype is warranted.

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