Google+ Q Dot: The case for Maybach Music's Success!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The case for Maybach Music's Success!

The 3rd place trophy goes to Maybach Music.

Maybach is Rick Ross and Rick Ross is Maybach. You can’t look at any other artist on that roster an feel like you can associate them with Maybach…yet. And though Rick Ross has done a great job throughout his resurgent career in branding himself the rest of the acts? Too young and too new to tell. They remind me of the Sonics/Thunder just before they left Seattle. A couple good pieces in place to build on but missing some critical components to really compete.

Case for the future: 
Maybach may not be Roc nation or YM in my book but they could have a bright future. The most intriguing thing about their lineup is the addition of Magazeen, a reggae artist and Stalley, a conscious rapper from Ohio. These two don’t fit the idea of Maybach music on the surface – but Rozay could be trying his hand at markets that are consistent and not nearly as fickle as mainstream music is. Now that Common is gone to act and write books, Stalley very well could fill the void of a conscious MC in the mainstream. Magazeen could very well serve a passionate reggae fanbase that is far and wide opening new doors to the entire Maybach roster. Both Meek Mill and Pill have shown glimpses of great artistry but need a breakthrough and develop their own lane. Wale is consistent and is currently at #2 in the charts but needs to find his greatness. He’s made some good songs but nothing that has completely stood out besides “pretty girls”. Teedra Moses is the X factor for maybach. She’s a veteran who just hasn’t been able to really breakthrough the clusterfuck of female R&B artists since her 2004 debut. If Ross can help her develop in the way Kelly Rowland has post Destiny’s Child, Maybach may have something on their hands in the years to come.