Google+ Q Dot: Back at Juice Radio!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back at Juice Radio!

Hey my friends!

So after a couple years of deliberately stepping away from the internet radio station I had a hand in starting,, i'm coming back.

It wasn't exactly planned, but i'm excited at what we can accomplish. Especially, seeing the original mission of being the type of platform that gives music a chance regardless of if it's signed, independent or mainstream come to life.

There's not much in this industry that bothers me more than the lack of access that artists face when trying to get a career started. I know all too well the struggle of being an one of those artists that need to tour but no agents will sign them, needing a strategy and a little funding but labels are losing money and not developing new artists and then there's the radio - the medium that's supposed to introduce music to eager audiences and be a conduit for interactivity amongst a community has been out of reach for the majority of artists making music since it's inception. The bad part is that radio is still has the #1 impact on album sales and we see as stations have consolidated and fewer and fewer artists are able to break through to large audiences that now more than ever the need for a platform like Juice Radio.

I'm not saying we're going to flip a switch and have an audience as big as some of the big corporate radio giants, because honestly right now, this station is far from that. But what we can be is the FIRST station artists of all sizes turn to when they want to break a new record. The station that true hip hop fans of all styles can turn to in order to hear what's new. It will take a lot of work, a lot of trying things out and a lot of support from you real hip hop fans to make this the kind of station you wish you had on the radio dial but DO have anywhere you can connect to the internet.

That's the goal.

See you at the top.