Google+ Q Dot: Macklemore vs. Q Dot - the numbers are intriguing

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Macklemore vs. Q Dot - the numbers are intriguing

As i've been on the hunt to get the attention of a booking agency to take over my booking duties, I decided to put my college degree in Music Business and Masters in Internet Marketing to use. I put together a study that anyone can do with a subscription and a few hours of free time. 

Like any indie artist, I want to know how you stack up against the rest of the field and via's platform, I was able to compare myself to Macklemore as it pertains to social media and what I found was surprising. 
Q Dot
Q Dot

Of course, the fact i'm a Grammy nominee with good history in a number of markets across the country, a BET Music Matters performer with videos and songs on national airwaves should be enough but it's not - otherwise I wouldn't have ran these numbers.

More accurately, I wanted to track a similar two year period between he and I. I found out what my social media engagement and growth looked like for the past two years that i've been touring in comparison to Macklemore's social engagement and growth the year before he signed with The Agency Group and the year that followed the signing. 

*Note this study doesn't take total numbers into account only engagement and growth.

Here are the results:
Crazy Right?

Now here's a look at what our touring looked like comparatively.

So what does this show? 
It shows what many of us already knew, when the big homey Mack got with a reputable agent that cared about his career things started to progress at an amazing clip. 

So why does this matter?
It doesn't and it does. If you ask the Founders of Ticketfly one of the world's largest ticketing companies how social media has impacted concert ticket sales, he'll tell you that social media, especially Facebook is incredibly important. You can read the article here. (
When it comes to big data, the name of the game is - spot a trend before anyone else does so you can capitalize. This way, the groundwork has been done for booking agents they just need to get it together!

So what is the difference between you two?
On paper, not a whole lot. We both have built on the strength of touring, fan engagement and a great live show. Of course the devil is in the details but for the sake of this study, they don't really apply. 

So if you or someone you know is a booking agent - send em my way. I'd love to talk with em.