Google+ Q Dot: Cheers to the underdog

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cheers to the underdog

The odds are insurmountably stacked against us. We weren't supposed to get this far and aren't expected to go any further. We fight hard, scratch and claw for every crumb we get. We've been passed up and passed over by everything and everyone who could've helped us along the way: Record labels, radio stations, booking agents, you name it.

But we keep fighting.

We don't get covered in the glossy newsstand magazines, your favorite blogs don't post our work and chances are, if you're reading this you're one of the people who has promised to come to our show but then as you put it ... "things came up".

But we still keep fighting.

We're the small fish in the big ponds just trying to find a corner in this body of water that will accept us because Lord knows, the big fish don't even acknowledge that we're swimming with them. Emails don't get responses and phone calls don't get returned. Shows are booked in small towns where the clubs aren't the fanciest and the liquor is cheap and in road stops that most others wouldn't even dare stop in to take a piss at and that's ultimately fine by us because we understand that no matter where they are - big city or small town - people are still people and good music is still good music. Put the two together anywhere and you got yourself a good time.

Sleeping in cars and on airport floors, sacrificing sleep to send off more emails that won't be returned, driving hundreds of miles just to get to the next city in order to perform sounds crazy but to me it's all worth it because all i'm hoping is that one person shows up and maybe we can touch that one person through music in a way they've never experienced.

I'm not just an independent music, i'm the underdog.

All I want is a fighters chance. All I need is an opportunity.

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