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Saturday, March 1, 2014

2 Magic Rules to live by

I've been guilty of it, but I know better of it too. My Dad and his Dad taught me better.

What is it i'm guilty of and what is it I was taught? You may be asking...

I'll go in reverse order - The two things that I was taught loosely mean the same thing and that's:

1. Don't start nothing you can't keep up. -That is, if you're not serious about it - don't waste anyone's time with it. 
2. Don't talk about nothing until it's done. -That is, talk is a lot of things. It's fun. It's entertaining. And it's cheap, but even then, no one buys it.

So what is it i'm guilty of?

Something I see all too often from musicians on social media. We've all seen the posts about secret meetings with unidentified people the general public can't know about or great phone calls we're promised to be filled in on at a later date. And they're always so excited to share the news but...they just can't reveal the details! Ahhhh the anticipation (not really) ooooh the anxiousness of it all!

Really, what's the purpose? As a fan and/or supporter of many of the artists I see this from it's just downright pissy and poor relationship building. I don't want to hear about your maybes and would-bes. I want to hear that it's DONE. Like most fans of anything we want to be fans of winners. When winners make moves we follow them. When losers talk - well, it's just talk. 

You know a team that's used to winning very seldom has news leak out that they're about to sign a key free agent unless that deal is all but done. But teams that lose? They're always "speculated" to be "interested in signing" so and so player and it may or may not ever really happen.

So! I'm asking, if you're about to hit the studio with an amazing artist - please post about it when you're in the studio, with pictures and videos. Trust, it'll have a much bigger impact. A lot more impact than, "working out the details to work with such and such and so and so, stay tuned." 

Again, i'm guilty of doing this too. So don't think i'm coming all holier-than-thou but if I posted every time a promoter or venue was interested in booking me you'd be a little more then let down because believe me - I've posted dates that were all but confirmed that magically get cancelled for the silliest of reasons. And what happens when someone asks you about it is you have to reply like a complete dumb ass with some statement that no matter how true sounds like bullshit. 

The real measure of success isn't what you're about to do. There's a lot of people about to do a lot of shit. Real success is when it's done and the proof is in the pudding for all to reap the benefits.
I love all y'all. 


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