Google+ Q Dot: Truth

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The saying went "men lie women lie numbers don't" but In 2013 even numbers lie. But one thing I can guarantee you is I'll never resort to tactics that deceive people. It's tempting for artists to turn their social media pages into a popularity contest instead of a place to engage with their true fans but people are a lot more instinctive than some artists think. We know when something isn't genuine - we can feel it even if we don't realize it.

Writing this I have under 1000 twitter followers and under 2000 Facebook likes but my relationships with those people are real. So anytime you look and say "dang but he only has x amount of followers" just remember I'm not trying to do it big with numbers. I'm doing it right with people and by people.

Don't believe the hype. Quality over quantity. Men lie women lie and numbers do to but truth doesn't.

See you all tonight at SOBs in Manhattan for BET music matters! Lets get it.