Google+ Q Dot: BET/NYC recap

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BET/NYC recap

We were supposed to come with a full band. We didn't.  Knowing us though, it's only fitting we show up nearly 3,000 miles away from home with nothing we were supposed to come with...but everything we needed.

Every other act on the lineup had their full bands, they were from the NYC area so they had crowd support, some had props and masks and all kinds of theatrics but not us.

During sound check I realized something that scared the shit out of me and just as quickly gave me every ounce of confidence I needed: out of everyone here, were the underdogs. We don't have the hometown advantage, we don't have friends and family waiting outside the club waiting to cheer us on, we dont even have a new york accent to at least pretend we belonged. We sat in the legendary SOB's where names like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar played their first NYC shows unassuming. In fact, if it wasn't for my old Seahawks hat and t-shirt giving away that i'm not from NYC people probably thought we were venue help. My thought was we have no one but ourselves, this old dusty keyboard, DJ set and positive energy from the week before at Barboza at out send off show.

There would be no amazing drum solos, no theatrical melodic intros, No thick luscious four part harmonies from background singers, no elaborate costumes or props...just us.

And though we walked in with the bare minimum of any performer there, we walked out with a lot more than we bargained for. The reaction and response was more than I expected from a room full of people who never knew who or what a Q Dot was before last night.

And so this ride continues and this trip to NYC is certainly not the last and after a chat over some good New York pizza pie were excited because things look ridiculously up.

I look forward to working with BET goin forward and thank them extensively. I thank the good folks at home as well. Those of you who have been supporting and those of you who haven't been supporting but soon will ;-) It's because of you that we stay at this.

#dopeness abounds.

Thank you.

s/o to Omar, Reggie, Christina, Buttahman, Vanessa and the rest of the BET staff who showed us immense amounts of love for the work we put in.

s/o to the supporters who came to the send off, have downloaded Declaration of Dopeness and watched and shared our music videos.