Google+ Q Dot: You might be a groupie...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You might be a groupie...

Don't fret. I have more groupie tales (or tails) to tell but I wanna take this time to give my loyal followers a chance to see if they or people they know just might be a professional groupie! You'd be surprised how many people have the following traits!

You might be a groupie if...

1. Your rapper "friends" never invite you out in public and/or at best, vaguely acknowledge you at a show but always find a way to invite you back to the after party and hotel when they're in town.

2. The background picture on your phone rotates according to which rapper or athlete you humped most recently.

3. You get invited to the studio after midnight, no earlier.

4. You're not a blogger, journalist, promoter or talent buyer but you know the roadies and manager on a first name basis.

5. You think you're the only girl sending him naked bathroom that case you're not just a groupie, you're a dumb groupie. Trust those will be circulated to the homeys.

6. You think you're the only girl bold enough to send a video of you playing with that case you're not just a dumb groupie but a nasty dumb groupie.

7. You heard your rapper or athlete "friend" was at the club and when trying to name drop the roadies and managers you know on a first name basis to get in VIP it doesn't work.

8. You then try texting your rapper or athlete "friend" to get in VIP and he doesn't reply.

9. You still go back to his hotel that night anyway.

10. You follow him on every form of social media imaginable and have the nerve to get mad when other females (including his wife) comment on his posts.

11.  You're able to tell me the street where more than 1 artist on my iTunes playlist lives.

12. You refer to him as "your boy". :-|

13. You bring a change of clothes and condoms to every show.

14. You didn't even get cab fare.

15. You had to stop and think about any one of these.

16. You haven't gone to and got my new CD. Its pay what you want...even free for you cheapos. ;-) Check out the track "groupie girls" featuring my man Fame Rilla