Google+ Q Dot: What the Freshest in the NW list taught me

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What the Freshest in the NW list taught me

Juice radio did something pretty cool. Pretty big. In case you've been living under a rock, D Money, the station director compiled a who's who of Northwest hip hop tastemakers list and made them into a panel to decide the top 10 freshest in the NW.

 I had the honor to be on the list and the grand distinction of being the first one to be bumped, from #8 to #9. Haha.

 After all the talk on Facebook, the list becoming a trending Twitter topic and piles of rappers chiming in on the matter heres what I learned.

1. Rappers are far more sensitive and egotistical than I originally thought.

Sure, you think you're great and so do your legions of homeys who support your shit. Dope. But you didn't make the list. Okay here's a solution. Step your game up. You're not as much of a factor as you think. 

2. Rappers are not in touch with reality. 

It sounds damn near schizophrenic in a way but i've seen a few rappers really be hurt at the fact they weren't on the list. Mind you, the list was FAR from perfect especially in the way that I was the only one on the list not from Seattle proper, yet, this is supposed to be a "Northwest list". I get it but just because you've been on what you feel is a serious grind, does not mean that you're relevant. It means you've been grinding, which is good, but obviously not in the way that's caught the attention of the tastemakers. 

3. Rappers are the ones who care and rappers are the ones trying to form their own lists.

Just stop. Yes, there's a good 15 rappers you could argue for and against being on the list on top of the 10 who made it but the criteria was as such. You're definition of "fresh" and your definition of "what's worthy of being mentioned" was not taken into consideration when the panel came up with the criteria. 

4. People really like lists. 

Yep they do.

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