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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Artist Tip of The Day: Turn it off.

Artist tip of the Day: Turn it all off. The TV, the radio the iPod just turn it off for about a month and detox your creative juices from the pollution and influence of popular music. About a week or two into it, go back to doing what you do and watch what happens. You’ll probably start to have a tennis match between your old creating habits and your new ones…the old ones will not want to give into the new stuff your spitting out but it’s this realm of feeling uncomfortable where you really want to be. The reason why is because you’ve cut off the safety valve of popular music influence thus letting the real YOU shine through in all it’s glory.

What you may or may not realize is popular music is a crutch and an ego stroke. You can go to the studio and make a song that sounds just like the song you heard on the radio that day and show it to your friends and they’ll all sing praises of you. They’ll stroke your ego and make you feel like a star but what they don’t realize is the only reason why they like the song you created is because it resembles the popular song on the radio.  Point blank. Your beat sounds like so and so’s, the hook sounds like whats her name is singing on it and the rhymes almost sound like that one guy. So because you like that praise and attention, you get into a vicious cycle of having to keep up with the trends in order to stay relevant. WAKEUP CALL! The blueprints of all the great ones no matter how different they all may be are the same. They do not and will not play by the rules. They do what THEY do and others copy. 

A perfect example of this is the late 90’s when the Timbaland style double time tracks were ALL the rage for hip hop and R&B. Seemingly overnight everyone had a track or three with that style in it, but three quarters of the producers who jumped on board with that trend aren’t around anymore.

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