Google+ Q Dot: Another Christmas gone...And gettin' older...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Christmas gone...And gettin' older...

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I know I did. I can tell I’m getting older because the gifts don’t mean nearly as much as they used to, even though I did get some great ones including and nice sweater vest and tie combo (right up the Q Dot school-boy-meets-the-street alley), a sick t-shirt of a gorilla wearing headphones, candy, car organizer, and a couple of books on wine which really means a lot. A couple months ago I started cutting back on the hard alcohol in favor of the complexities of the fermented grape varieties. Although I did enjoy my first sips of The Glenlivet with my older brother this Christmas. Superb! That is a man’s drink right there.

This year I sincerely looked forward to spending time with my family and the family of my significant other. To me there’s nothing like getting together with the ones you care about the most and just bullshittin’ with one another. One of my older brothers and I generally wind up in our parent’s kitchen talking like old southern black men twice our age and making everyone laugh and to me it’s those memories that will outlast anything in a box and bow.

Another sign I was getting older was when I went to a friend’s house and ran across the new playboy with Tara Reid on the cover…I actually read the articles. Lol. Not only did I read the articles I took time to read them and to my surprise there really is some good content beyond the naked bodies that have populated the magazine for years! Even when I got to the article with Tara Reid it was interesting to hear about how she feels she’s grown up and gone through so much in her life.  Not that i’ve ever been a HUGE playboy fan or anything but it was a total homey-you’re-growing-up moment.

I found myself thinking about the true meaning of Christmas and even deeper, the fact that it’s been now proven scientifically that Jesus was born in the spring time, not December. And that even though the holidays timing may be a bit of a sham (Early Christians used the date to go against the Pagan’s Winter Solstice holiday), it just made me realize what man will do to gain. Early Christians sometimes tricked and ran the early church like a business…telling the citizens of newly conquered lands stories in order to get them to convert, such as the story with the Nordic people where they believed in the thunder god Thor. In order to get them to convert the Christian missionaries weaved the story of Adam and Eve into the pagan story of the man and woman who hid in the tree when the world was destroyed. None the less, I love celebrating the life of Jesus regardless of when it is and yes I’m a Christian.  So another Christmas gone and yes I’m getting older, maybe a little wiser…definitely a little more focused. And onto 2010 we go.