Google+ Q Dot: Camera operator and dancers needed!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Camera operator and dancers needed!

Hey friends. So i'm looking for a camera operator and a couple of dancers for two music videos i'm shooting next month.

  • Camera operator doesn't need to have their own camera but more than welcome to bring his/her own. Lighting may be needed so if you have that, that's a plus. I already have the editing handled so this is just a couple hours of shooting
  • Dancers with choreography skills please. I have the overall idea of what I want to see but i'm no dancer. Also, be comfortable dancing outside, possibly in some beautiful liquid sunshine.
  • Locations are already set for the south sound area, so all the better if you're in the Tacoma/Fed way-ish side of things.

Target date to shoot is next month. Pass this along to someone you may think be a good fit for this! 

Please email me for information. 

P.S. oh yea the songs are Soul Clap and Soul Clap Revival.