Google+ Q Dot: Truths

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I know I'm not the most famous or most talked about artist out there. In fact, I know a lot of people probably ask how the hell do I do it BECAUSE I'm not famous or talked about artist out there. Hell, I barely post music on a consistent basis. 

I know everything I'm not. I know all the blogs and trendy music websites don't post about me -maybe one day? I know I'm not going around and selling out every show I play. 

But I know I'm working and when music is your only career/job and you have a family like I do you had better be working.  I know that those that support me respect that. It's been a struggle for me to adjust to being a dad and a husband juggling a music career but it's the most beautiful struggle I could imagine.

Ever since I lost the record contract with Interscope over a decade ago (before it even got signed mind you) I've been committed to creating my own path and doing it in unconventional ways. Being completely independent, continually learning the craft and business, and always giving back no matter what level of success I have or don't have. 

I know full well what I'm not as it pertains to people's narrow standards of success in the music business. I also know full well what I am: pretty damn successful in my own right and I've got a chip on my shoulder the size of Mt. Rainier. In other words, when I'm on my shit I'm tough to bring down.

The original Rebel, dreamer and overachiever.