Google+ Q Dot: The Circle of Coolness

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Circle of Coolness

In music, every couple years, there's a new circle of coolness that pops up be it locally or nationally. A couple guys or gals that seem like they're every where for that moment.
They reach all kinds of pinnacles of coolness. They get added to the most hyped shows, the biggest festivals, every alternative paper in town writes about them, the coolest blogs cover everything they post on soundcloud and the self-proclaimed tastemakers can't get enough of them.
I've seen about 4 cycles of the circle of coolness come through the Northwest and about 5 cycles of the circle of coolness on a national level.
Meanwhile, outside of the circle of coolness, are guys and gals like me who while feeling a little inadequate in the popularity department look up and realize we've actually traveled beyond where those in the circle of coolness can go.
We just slowly keep trucking along, doing what we do. Waving at the kids in the circle, bidding them a bittersweet farewell we still kinda wish we were as coveted as them and yet we find ourselves moving past all of them. And as time passes and career milestones are quietly reached, we know exactly where to find the cool kids. Right where we left em with they cool asses, waaay back there, in that circle of coolness they can't seem to get out of.