Google+ Q Dot: My Russell Wilson moment

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Russell Wilson moment

Cleaned out my email and had a Russell Wilson moment. About a year ago one particular venue in Chicago responded to my booking email by saying: "thanks for your inquiry I'd be interested in booking Q Dot. We don't book hip hop much here but upon reading your bio and checking your facebook and listening to your tunes you're not like most of the 'rap' we get in our email which is refreshing but my concern is your style isn't what our crowd expects from a rapper. let me know your thoughts on this." 

I missed this email all together at the time ... But what I gather is because I'm an educated, family oriented black guy who also plays an instrument who doesn't do drugs and doesn't run around flashing guns and money but I  wear my jeans around my waist with my shirts buttoned and my hats facing forward I'm not "what your crowd expects" of a black guy. 

Great to know that I'm doing my part by just being myself I'm impacting the way people view Black men - including other black men.