Google+ Q Dot: Live Forever and Keep Rising Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Live Forever and Keep Rising Maya Angelou

Celebrities die all the time. They're people too.

We spread the news across social media as if we knew them personally. Sometimes people do it with the motivation to get more likes on Facebook and more RTs on Twitter than the next person.

Honestly speaking, i've done it too.

When Paul Walker died, it certainly was sad, but I didn't mourn like countless fans did. Still I made a post and commented on others. Just because it was the trending topic of the day - like most news is.

But every now and then there are people who pass who even though we don't know them personally, they've made a profound impact on our lives. Sometimes without us even realizing just how deep they've become embedded into our psyche. For example, when Amy Winehouse passed away she was at the top of her game and I was up to my eye balls in her musical catalog and was blown away by her ability. To this day when I hear an Amy Winehouse record I get the anticipation of when something new would come out before remembering she's no longer with us. Maya Angelou and her bravery, honesty, talent, sassy attitude and pizazz touched me from the time I could grasp the concept of who she was.

My parents were fans of hers. And I spent time making a list of black living legends that I wanted to see before they passed. Maya Angelou was one of them.

She may no longer be alive in the body but she will always be alive.