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Monday, February 24, 2014

Today's epiphany

I always practiced visualization, or so I thought I had.

Until today, every visualization I had experienced was more like a foggy picture with words that weren't as loud and pictures that weren't as clear as i'd liked them to be.

But for some reason - I sat down in my office today, wrote down my goals and as I was writing them it was as if they were on a 50 inch HD screen with crystal clear surround sound. Really intense.

I'm not sure why this happened today. I haven't done anything differently than I ever have but i'm assuming it has something to do with being intensely focused on goals I want to achieve on the drive here and then, in my mind, playing out the scenarios where I get my rewards for achieving them.

Anyhow, i'm gonna spend some more time here focusing on these goals. Like most of us out here grindin', there still a lot of work that needs to be accomplished.