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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3 Ways to make this Valentine's Day amazeballs

We all know what it is. We all know what it symbolizes. Valentine's Day - the greatest hallmark holiday on the planet is but days away and that means a lot of us fellas (and ladies) will be breaking the bank to try and impress our lovers. But why? How did we get to this point? And what can we do to not only have the best Valentine's Day ever, but make every other day with your significant other better?

Here are some very fundamental tips for guys and girls to making 2.14.14 THE SHIZNIT!

1. Start off by knowing that you, being the greatest significant other in the world and all, don't need a day to tell you to show love. Valentine's Day is everyday! I mean, think about it, how much sense does it make to have a Valentine for just one day a year? Where does that person go the other days of the year? That's right - no where. So start with the mindset that you will practice living out valentine's day everyday.

2. Say it to their face. This is a huge pet peeve of mine and it comes from personal experience. I once dated this girl who every time we turned around we were posting on facebook and twitter how much we loved each other hypothetically screaming it from the digital rooftops for everyone to hear. The only problem is, even though we tended to think otherwise, NO ONE ON SOCIAL MEDIA CARED. And sure it's really great of you to post the flowers on instagram, post the picture of you two on your valentine's day date on Facebook but nothing says tacky like posting "i love you, so and so" and just tagging them in it. It's kinda like the moms (probably reading this) who wish their toddlers a happy birthday on social media knowing damn well their baby not only doesn't have a social media page but probably can't even read it if they did. It all makes me wonder "who are you really saying this to?" Save the affections for when your honey gets home - hug him or her, look in their eyes and just tell them everything you wanted Facebook to hear about your love for them. =)

3. Always keep in mind we live in an era were divorces, broken homes and relationships ending are at an all time high. So while the flowers, candy, gifts and trips are all nice to get, there's obviously some glaring holes in the relationship wasteland of our society. How about this year we all agree to focus on strengthening our bonds with one another. Maybe you'll have to spend a little money but hopefully you don't. It's called getting back to the fundamentals of love.

For the fellas reading this think of it in terms of football for a moment where all the flash and splash of Valentine's day is like a high powered offense - similar to the Denver Broncos of this year. Sure you win a bunch of style points, score a lot of points and everyone looks at what you're doing in awe but what happened when they faced a fundamentally sound defense in the Super Bowl that played the game physical and aggressively? 44-8. The Seahawks and their basic, fundamental defense and "pedestrian" efficient offense took home the ultimate prize, the Lombardi trophy. 

Translate that to love terms and it sounds like this: What made you fall in love with this person in the first place? What is an activity you both enjoy? Where is a place you like to go? Where was your first date? How did you meet? And love your significant other well. Love them with passion. Love them right.

Center your Valentine's Day around celebrating your history together no matter how long or how brief and you'll make every day going forward it's own Valentine's Day. Spending a bunch of cash is the easy way out. Get creative. If you're not creative find someone who is and make something special for the both of you. This has nothing to do with anyone else just you and your romantic partner so make it about them...everyday.

Happy valentine's day to you all!

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