Google+ Q Dot: Should Rappers need a license to rap? 3 Reasons why they should.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Should Rappers need a license to rap? 3 Reasons why they should.

I propose that in order to control the quality of what is being consumed by the general public that anyone who wishes to rap PROFESSIONALLY must obtain a PROFESSIONAL permit to do so.

To obtain a permit one must meet a set of criteria including but not limited to: Performance training and creative writing training and must also pass a live performance test consisting of a 35 minute performance which is voted on by a panel of their music making peers. Rappers would have to score an 80 or better to be considered passing.

The permit would cost $100 and would be valid for 2 years and the rapper would have to take another test within 30 days of expiration in order to keep it. If said rapper does not obtain a permit, or loses his/her permit for any reason, any music released and any event he/she is performing at MUST BE ADVERTISED AS AN AMATEUR EVENT. Any submissions to live music venues, DJs, media outlets or other businesses connected to the music business must be accompanied with a "THIS RAPPER IS AN AMATEUR, BEWARE" disclaimer.

 If a rapper is caught trying to conduct business without the proper permit or disclaimer they would be fined and could lose their rapping privileges - almost like having a suspended driver's license.

If that were to happen look at all the benefits: 1. There are 48 billion quadrillion rappers in the world. Multiply that by 100 and watch America get out of it's deficit in no time.

 2. If it doesn't erase the deficit, it would erase the amount of bullshit that clogs my inbox. Everyone from producers, A&Rs, clubs, radio stations, magazines and blogs could set their spam folder to detect "amateur" and all that amateur shit would go there first!

 3. If it doesn't erase the deficit or the amount that comes to my inbox we would at least decrease the amount of people wanting to rap. No one wants to be labeled as an amateur. And all that rapping about money would sound extra goofy if it's got "AMATEUR" blasted all over it.

This year, vote for rappers having to have permits to rap.

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