Google+ Q Dot: The perfect holiday beer.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The perfect holiday beer.

"I don't always drink beer, but when I do - it's that good s#!&!" - Q Dot.

Hip hop has always had an elitest attitude towards beer and I never understood why. Why does every club flyer (at least in Seattle) promoting a hip hop night have a bottle of liquor, mainly ciroc on it? That shit is sugary and really isn't all that good tasting UNLESS you mix it with a bunch of other sugary shit. 

I came across this little gem of a beer while in Louisville Kentucky performing at The New Vintage. It's called Franziskaner Weissbeer (pronounced: Frahn-ziss-conner) and I swear it's THE PERFECT holiday beer. Especially for those of us who aren't particularly "beer snobs" but enjoy something that actually tastes decent and won't make your breath smell like you been sucking on pennies all day. 

Franziskaner is very light and almost tastes like a cream soda with a hint of nutmeg and spices. My initial thoughts upon first sippin' were 1. "This shit tastes like cream soda" and 2. "hmm, makes you wanna curl up by a fireplace and watch a Christmas movie." 

Anyhow - it's one of those old German beers that's been around since God knows when and I would highly recommend it not only for snuggling up next to a duraflame log but it's also a good beer for anytime.

Happy holidays - stay thirsty my friends haha.