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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bham living

Don't sleep on Bellingham! It may be a sleepy little college town up by the Canadian border but these folks seriously dig hip hop. It's a small community of heads but they're heads non the less, most of which are steeped in the boombap essence of rap which was all good with me. 

The crowd was attentive and came to kick it. I'll definitely be back!  

Boundary bay's (s/o Bellingham!!) Scotch ale wasn't half bad. Mind you, I'm no beer snob and don't claim to be any kind of aficionado when it comes to beer but this was definitely a good little fall time brew. Makes ya feel all cozy and warm. Not too overbearing and surprisingly light and drinkable, this is good for even us part time beer drinkers!

For a place called a Tubbs whiskey bar, I was a little underwhelmed at the selection which was pretty much everything you could get at the grocery store. My expectation was to have a whiskey version of Matador, the popular Tacoma tequila bar specializing in just that. What Tubbs lacked in whiskey they made up for plenty and got my approval in their special Starburst shot. I couldn't tell ya what was in it but that shit was taaaaasty!!