Google+ Q Dot: 3 reasons why artists struggle to get fans

Thursday, July 11, 2013

3 reasons why artists struggle to get fans

As an independent artist I know how it feels to have a great product, great live show, great momentum but not quite get the results you want. After close observation of myself and others here's what I found to be some of the reasons why that happens.

1: No connection with your fans musically.
You can have all the interaction on social media you want but if you're not connecting on a musical level with people it will be all for not. To remedy this, really think about who will like your music or a particular song you're writing and target market. 

2:  No connection with your fans aesthetically. 
Think about why you like who you like musically OUTSIDE of the music. It's probably because you are connected in a way that has nothing to do with music. I like old busta rhymes because he was wild and crazy just like me. I like Jay-Z because I have ambitions in business. I like Jill Scott because there's a real down to earth vibe to her that feels like I know her. A lot of times artists miss the boat not representing the things that make people simply like them as people. When you keep it real. And keep it simple people like it. A high quality photo, website, and vibe mean nothing if its not real.

3: Not keeping it simple.
In the spirit of keeping it simple, artists who try too hard to seperate themselves often niche themselves to death OR do too much for people to latch on to there music. If you make electro dub hip hop with a nerdcore DJ vibe you quite possibly could be niche marketing yourself into a group of no one. On the other hand, if you're a singer but you write short stories, design clothes, act, model, help out at homeless shelters you could be giving up too much info too soon. Pick one or two things that make you unique and run with it, still do the other things but make them public at the right time. Last thing you wanna do is confuse your audience. For me what's worked is I rap and play piano. That's it. I make little mention of me making beats, putting on events and workshops and the like. It's not important to those who are interested in my music.