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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Milk Carton::Dopeness

The Milk Carton is making it's triumphant return! A hit blog of mine back in the heyday of Myspace - i'm bringin' this shit back. But to make it bigger in better, i'm adding "The Dopeness" so for every missing rapper on a milk carton i'm tellin yall who's dope.

Milk Carton ALERT!!!!


Where the hell did he go!? I'll never forget the first time I heard/saw the video to "Pop the trunk", that shit was classic and I was an instant fan. So he drops a couple dope joints, ends up on the XXL Freshman list, sings to Shady Records, stage dives, ruptures his spleen and what happened?? He dead now? Say it aint so. If wheelchair jimmy can get out of the damn wheelchair after I don't know how many seasons of DeGrassi - YOU can recover from a ruptured spleen Yela. Hell, If you know me personally you know I love country southern folks. Especially those of the rednecky trailer trashy variety, I relish in that glorious simpleton approach to life and it's even better when one of em can just so happen to rap they ass (or spleen) off.  SOMEONE PLEASE FIND YELAWOLF'S CAREER AND REVIVE IT.

The Dopeness ALERT!!!


If you're dope and you know it...put on an LRG jacket and zip it up! *zip zip*

Let me preface this by saying that this portion of these blog posts is not just who I think is really dope coming out of the Freshcoast. I by no means am one of those guys who roots for the hometeam just for the sake of rooting for the hometeam. YOU HAVE TO BE DOPE. Xperience is dope. Period. I became a fan when he and I both performed during Capitol Hill Block Party at what was then called The War Room. The rarest of gems come from the most unlikely places - Xp (member of the Th3rdz w/Candidt and JFK and Step Cousins w/Macklemore) is currently in Seattle by way of Olympia by way of Indiana if memory serves me right. He can sing, rap and he and Smoke of Oldominion have a whole vibe musically that is just...dope. Here's my favorite joint of the homey Xp. It reminds me of friday nights in my parents basement where loud music, loud weed and dark liquor flowed freely.