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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Open honest letter

I won't lie...the upcoming show at Barboza makes me nervous y'all. This is not only a big show for me - likely the most important local show of my career and also my 100th Seattle show, it's also a big show for the Northwest hip hop scene.

But honestly this has absolutely nothing to do with me. With all of the things riding on this event, this show is about us.

This is one of those rare opportunities that an entire community gets to show - and kind of HAS to show what it's really made of. We all are aware of the big homey Macklemore's meteoric success representing the Northwest. The debate that comes now is as a scene - do we say we're just a one trick pony? Only capable of supporting one act at a time as history may lead some to believe? Or do we have the talent and fanbase in place to support multiple acts moving forward.

This may sound over the top but to my close friends and family and fans: It is your civic duty to come party your ass off with us this cinco de mayo. It is your obligation to show up and tell BET (who so keenly is keeping an eye on this part of the country now) and the rest of the world who may be watching that Seattle's hip hop scene isn't a flukey once every 20 year phenomenon. It is mandatory that even if only for a little bit you walk through the doors at Barboza and say (in the words of Macklemore) "My City's Filthy!" and I support it wholly and fully.

If you say you support your city and the music in it. If you love being a part of something bigger. If you're one of those who wants to see the scene grow. If you claim to support me or LACOSA or Jay Morrison or The Good Sin, be here. Get information at: