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Friday, April 5, 2013

Kurt Cobain's suicide 19 years later... << peep that article.

It's crazy to think this was 19 years ago but I remember the day like it was yesterday...sitting in my room I woke up, turned on the TV which was already on MTV and Kurt Loder was announcing the suicide of Kurt. Then I remember going to school not being able to comprehend the dark cloud over every at school that day.

It's rare that we get the chance to appreciate the talented while they're living. For example, by most accounts, Jimi Hendrix wasn't nearly as big of an icon as he is now - decades after his death. Sure people knew him and respected his work but he wasn't JIMI - the guitar GOD. Picasso is revered in art circles as one of the most influential artists NOW but at the time he was just a guy making weird, under appreciated paintings. This guy Cobain was not only one of the most talented singers and songwriters music has ever seen or heard he was the voice of young, white, underprivileged America - a voice that until that point was muted.

Appreciate talent.