Google+ Q Dot: What sports can teach musicians.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

What sports can teach musicians.

I come from an athletic background. I played sports, my brothers played sports, my Dad played sports, cousins, friends...everyone around me was in sports. What that taught me was to not only be a competitor but to seize the opportunity. Capitalize on situations that allow you to advance and to be relentless in doing so. In that, sports also taught me to be better than the day before. Always improve.   Always strive to get better, get stronger, be more efficient.

Every day was an opportunity to get better at the game. For 2 hours or so a day in practice, everyday, until game day I was preparing to execute the game plan the coaches set out for the team that week. We even practiced the most unthinkable situations because more times than not a game is won or lost by one teams mistake and when they make it you have to be ready.

The music game - especially hip hop - is no different. I'm keenly aware of the opportunity that is in front of me right now but it would be foolish of me to think that this is the end all be all and that because of this opportunity confetti is gonna fall from the sky, plaques will be raised in the air and champagne will be toasted. The only way i'll be poppin' bottles is if I make the most of this opportunity that I can by staying dedicated to achieving the goals i've set for myself.

This is what we do this for. For moments like this. Consistency, execution and exposure is written on the white board of our office - it's time to execute. #Tre'dmarksBaby! #hooligans #Dopeness #Freshcoast