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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Black Gold

This song had been eating at me for a while. It was in my head and was fighting to come out but honestly I was a little nervous to record it, let alone put it out. I wasn't too sure how people would take it. Yea, my Granddad helped to integrate the schools in Kentucky. Yes, the KKK did march up and down their block - as the story goes, they had 24 hour armed patrol made up of the church congregation my Granddad was over to ensure the safety of the family. Yes, it's true that when I went to college there was a girl I met who claimed she'd never seen a black person face to face before. It was a pretty surreal experience, here we are in the 2000s and you haven't seen a black person before!? And yes, i'm proud of my history. It's that pride that forced me to put it out to celebrate this month. Black Gold I hope serves as a reminder that it wasn't that long ago that the things we take for granted in this country weren't so easy to come by.