Google+ Q Dot: 15 things I wish I made...and you may have too.

Friday, June 25, 2010

15 things I wish I made...and you may have too.

5 songs I wish I’d made

1.     Busta Rhymes – Party is goin’ on over here
This song is just how I like my music, short, hype as hell, to the point and makes you want to rewind it just to hear it again. It’s a great song for DJs that want to mix in some hype east coast shit in their mix.

2.     Twista feat. R. Kelly – So Sexy
This track was the reason I made the list in the first place. Smooth, laid back, but at the same time has a certain unexplainable hypeness to it. To me the song and the video kind of sum up what the whole urban music lifestyle is about. Sexy, cool, melodic, hip and where you want to be. 

3.     Snoop Dogg – Nuthin but a G thang
A monumental song in the whole west coast rap movement. It had been around for a while before but nothing catapulted west coast music into the mainstream like Nuthin but a G thang did.

4.     Robert Glasper – F.T.B.
I’m a piano guy, and this song is definitely a curveball but it’s something new. We’ve heard jazzy hip hop but this is the opposite, it’s more hip hop jazz. It’s structured like a J Dilla produced hip hop track but still smooth as classic jazz.

5.     Redman – Pick it up
An Eric Sermon produced, east coast, legendary track that epitomized the gritty, grimy east coast music of the early/mid 90s. Not much else you can say about it other than “classic material”.

5 Beats I wish I’d made

1.     Ludacris – Southern Hospitality (The Neptunes)
Hands down my favorite Neptunes beat and it’s just how I like my production. It was simple, stripped down but abrasive as hell and got the party jumpin’ hard.

2.     Jay-Z – Big Pimpin (Timbaland)
Timbaland was the king of the bounce and this song was kind of his grand exit from the double time bounce all together but damn it was a dope one. Nothing to this day can top those horns and flute sample mixed with the Roger & Zapp record scratch.

3.     Angie Martinez – Mi Amore (Rockwilder)
By far one of the most slept on songs of  the last decade. Angie Martinez wasn’t much of an MC but Jay-Z was on the track with her and that track was absolutely stupid. Rockwilder was at his greatest during this time and this should’ve furthered his legacy but poor promotion on the track kinda stalled it.
4.     Busta Rhymes – Put your hands where my eyes could see (DJ Scratch)
Do I really need to explain this one?

5.     Slum Village – Climax (J Dilla)
Or this one? I will say DJ Kutfather spinning at the old Aro.Space was the one who introduced me to Slum Village. I was snuck in the club by my older bro who had his album release show that night and I’ll never forget sitting back stage just bugging out about this song.

5 Videos I wish we’re mine

1.     Jay-Z – Big Pimpin’
Can we say the greatest party ever caught on film?

2.     Method Man & Redman – Da Rockwilda
Another joint that’s just how I like em, short, hype and to the point. If this video was to any other song it just wouldn’t have fit but it was definitely the cut.

3.     Kanye West – Flashing lights
Again, this is a perfect example of how I like things.  Simple. There wasn’t three hundred 4 second cuts and b-roll. Just a strong plot that was executed very well. It challenged everything that has become the standard for hip hop videos in a major way.

4.     Kanye West – Paranoid
Again, another Kanye concept that was just executed brilliantly. Not much else to say about it other than it’s super creative and super watchable. Not only did the video match the song but kinda captured the vibe of the whole album.

5.     Snoop Dogg – Drop it like it’s hot
This is an example of a video really taking an artists character and cementing it. No one else could’ve had that video other than snoop. It was simple, the imagery was ridiculous and it just oozed izzles and fashizzles all over it.

Honorable mention? Busta Rhymes – Put your hands where my eyes could see. Who can argue with a Coming to America remake?

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