Google+ Q Dot: Milk Carton is back. 2010 edition

Monday, March 8, 2010

Milk Carton is back. 2010 edition

Many moons ago, I started a list of artists that were literally BURNING UP the charts and as soon as they came, disappeared, never to be seen again...They are on Milk Cartons somewhere with "have you seen me" next to their picture. Please help me find these artists!

1. Rupaul -That damn song...I can't even think of the name now...I think it's called 'work' or something like that...but if that isn't one of the most played songs of the last two decades I don't know what it is. Gay bars and modeling shows alike unite with that supersmash tune.

2. G Dep -I have to admit, when special delivery came out I was in college just being wild as all get out harlem shaking til it hurt. But before the song was fading G Dep had already become another victim of Diddy's system behind Black Rob and D-A-B-A-N-DEEEE!!...superstar today fallen star tomorrow.

3. Houston -Poor boy went crazy. I liked that little song with Nate Dogg and thing you know he was in a hotel gauging his own eye out with a spoon claiming Jesus told him to do it?!? Yikes. well wishes to him and his family...

4. Myron -remember when Midnight Love on BET was the shit? Yeah, so was jerry springer, jenny jones and...Myron's hit single Destiny. It was also a period in time where every tuesday I would hit Camelot music and grab some singles out the singles bin. Well, Myron was one of those and even if it wasn't quite a hit it was the cut! I was like 14, 15 at the time late night on the phone tryna get my mack on when this cut came on...oh the memories.

5. Playa -I hate to do this for two reasons. Static Major passed. And they're from Kentucky which is my mom's homestate. But Cheers 2 U was THE SHIT. yes indeed. yet and still, they're bright light dimmed mighty fast after the debut CD.

6. Coo Coo Cal -Now...was this not a joke?? Maaaaybe not as big of a joke as Smiles and Southstar (WOW!) But by the time he was ready to put Milwaukee on the map, his label MCA folded and he's since been a free agent. In my Projects wasn't necessarily one of my favorite songs but it was a success! Where are you now Coo Coo???

7. THE WHOLE DAMN ARTIST DIRECT LABEL! Yes, Stagga Lee and Smiles and Southstar to be more precise. These dudes were the biggest insults to hip hop since...well...ever or Ren and Ten the hip hop dalmations portrayed in Brown Sugar! Luckily, Hip Hop by nature has a way of weeding out bullshit pretty quick and the real shit sticks

*See how bad DA BAND was?? I forgot all about the most interesting member of them all Dylan!! lol, and to think I met the dude in person at a show here in Seattle. That dude needs a whole damn milk CRATE to hisself.