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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Black History Month::New news!

In the spirit of Black History Month, I’d like to begin my short series of little known facts about black history in America with something that may make you laugh and at last re-think everything you’ve heard about your own history, especially if you’re black. But before I get to that, I’d like to show some recognition to a man close to me, my Grandfather Hayward Henry who through his life and legacy instilled in me to always remember where we came from while looking to the future. He essentially was the inspiration behind my CD the Underground Railroad, being the man who integrated schools in Mt. Sterling Kentucky.  Thank you Granddad for everything you did and taught us.

Now down to the good stuff =)

Surely, while at family get-togethers or when discussing family history you’ve heard something along the lines of “Your great great aunt Shirley was half Indian, that’s where we get them high cheek bones and good hair from”.  I know I’ve heard it with conviction and certainty my ENTIRE life and almost every black friend of mine seem to believe they have some Native American DNA in them.

Well…I hate to burst you, your mom’s, your grandma’s and possibly your great great aunt Shirley’s bubble but recent studies have now proven through DNA that only roughly 5% of Blacks in America have any significant amount of Native American blood in them. (pause, take a minute to digest it) I know I know I know…but you can see it in those old black and white pictures great granddad had hair down to his back and great great aunt Shirley had those high cheek bones. You’re probably thinking “I don’t care what those tests say I KNOW for a FACT we got some Indian in us!” Well I’m sorry but people lie, DNA doesn’t. This doesn't mean you absolutely don't have any Native in you - just chances are you don't. To all of my fellow African Americans trying to come to grips with the idea that they’re probably NOT Cherokee like you’ve been told for so many years, I suggest, look to your own African ancestry for the high cheek bones – don’t forget that many Africans have strong deep facial features that mirror those of Natives. And for that good hair you’re so proud of, look to your European ancestry or just good genes!

So now the question is, where do these stories come from? We can only speculate, but what is more baffling is how did anyone get the notion that slaves or even free blacks during that period of history get the time to go out and find some native americans to mingle with enough to procreate in the first place? Slavery was, for the most part, a well-structured institution that did a good job of monitoring and keeping slaves working in those fields. The indentured African slaves probably had a better chance to procreate with ol' Massa's and his female relatives or the Chinese slaves who were brought to the America in the 1840s to build railroads or that were sold into prostitution then to wander off with a Native. But another little known and often overlooked fact of black history, one that could lead some credence to the idea of having Natives in our bloodlines is that the five major Native American tribes (Cherokee, Sioux, Creek, Choctaw, Seminole) owned MANY africans as slaves. The natives by comparison treated their slaves with much less brutality than the European slave owners did but even with that there has to date been little evidence of the two groups mixing, consensually or otherwise, to procreate.

Happy Black History Month. =) I’ll be back with more next time!

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