Google+ Q Dot: Fed heads are coming for you. Watch ya back!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fed heads are coming for you. Watch ya back!

Fed heads are quietly taking over the world.

Pro athletes, entertainers, musicians, models, entrepreneurs…sounds like the general population that makes up cities like Atlanta, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, right? Well, yea it does. But you can add to that list a city of nearly 100,000 people snuggled right in between Seattle and Tacoma who’s biggest claim to fame is Weyerhauser headquarters. I’m talking about good ol’ Federal Way Washington!

My quick summary finds in the last 25 years “the fed” has produced:

-3 NBA basketball players
            -Donny Marshall – Federal Way High School
            -Michael Dickerson – Federal Way High School
            -Roberto Berguson – Decatur High School

-2 NFL football players
            -Victor Rogers – Decatur High School
            -Shaun Bodiford – Federal Way High School

-1 MLB baseball player
            -Travis Ishikawa – Federal Way High School
            Minor leaguers…there’s been a ton believe me.

-1 MLS Soccer Player
            -Ricci Greenwood (Kansas City)

-1 MMA World Champion
            -Ben “smooth” Henderson – Decatur High School

-2 Olympic speed skaters (1 of which is an Olympic Champ)
            -Apolo Ohno – Decatur High School
            -JR Celski

-1 ESPN analyst
            -Kenny Mayne – Thomas Jefferson High School

-2 Entertainers
            -JD Rainey of Massive Monkees (America’s Best Dance Crew)
            -Ashley (Bad Girls Club)

-2 Platinum/Award winning production teams
            -J Hen of Tha Bizniss
            -Breez of 253 inc.

-1 Guinness book of world records title holder (worlds fastest rapper)
            -No Clue <-- that’s his rap name, I do have a clue.

Not to mention my guy Tryfe who’s a big up and coming producer in hip hop producing for Roc-A-Fella G-Unit artist Freeway, The Concept who’s been producing for America’s Next Top Model for years both from Federal Way…And we can’t forget Sanjaya…and his hair.